Wireless Rechargeable Mouse are a Godsend!

So I’ve been looking for a good mouse that I can use in the office since my current mouse is kaput. I’ve seen a lot of cheap wireless mouse and i opt in to buy a wireless rechargeable so that that i would no longer buy batteries for these. I came across this cheap mouse from amazon and it really is good! The feel of the mouse is great and it’s really a bang for the buck.

AMERTEER Wireless Mouse

It is a silent click mouse and rechargeable batter for up to 4 weeks of normal use. You can charge and use the mouse at the same time, plus the univeraly used usb 2.0 cable is the only need thing you need to charge it(plus the power source of course. You can also choose from black, silver, white, gold, or rose gold colours. You can get it here from Amazon and free shipping on amazon prime in UAE.

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