The Land of Promise II: Day 3(last day).

So this post is waaaaaaaaaaay long over due. I was really busy and for some reason, I forgot where I placed the photos for the 4th day. So we went back to rode a bus to Iligan from Cagayan de Oro at around 6:00 am and arrived around 7:30.


After arriving, we went straight into St. Michael’s Cathedral. I like to photograph churches so I don’t want to miss this chance.
IMGP0629_tonemapped IMGP0633I also did a little street photography around the church.


After that, we went straight to Timoga. Timoga is place where there are several pool resorts. I wanted to swim in these pools since they are natural spring water. So we bought some lechon outside the resort(one of the best lechon I ever had) and went inside.



The entrance fee for these resorts is just P100 by the time of this writing. The tables/cottages are around P200. A bit pricey but it’s well worth it. We had a lot of fun and the water is soooo cold, it’s like it was the water was refrigerated or something and I was shaking because of it.



After our lunch, we swam a little and head home. My ship was leaving at 4pm so we had to hurry. Too bad since I really wanted to stay more, but there’s still next time. I really had a super great time, albeit short. I really want to travel more with The Girl but that will have to wait. 🙂

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