CosCafe Cebu – Defunct


Editor’s Note: This shop is no longer operational. Sorry my beautiful Otakus.

I have always been fascinated with everything Japanese ever since I was young. My father works abroad and he works for a Japanese firm, so he brought a lot of Japanese stuff when he comes home. I always wanted to visit Japan, but since I can’t do that at the moment, I’ll have to settle for something closer to it; Anime, Manga, shows about Japan(this show is awesome, you can really learn a lot more about Japan and it’s culture), Japanese Gentleman’s Special Interest Literature ;), and of course, Japanese food. I’ve been to several Japanese restaurants but I’ve only reviewed one. This would be the second, well, sort of. It’s not really a restaurant but more like a cafe. Cosplay cafe at that! When I heard that one had opened near my work place, I just have to try it. Since my food trip buddy(The Girl) is no longer living in the city, I have to search for another comrade who’s willing to go with me. Luckily, my workmate(Eric “not the actor” Bana) wanted to try it as well.


If you are not familiar with these Japanese Cosplay Cafe/Maid Cafe, then you’ll be surprised. This is very common in Japan, specially the Akihabara district in Tokyo. Google it, you’ll see. It’s the first time that I’ve been to one of these cafes, but I’ve done my fair share of research. When you visit the place, the first thing you’ll notice will be this:
Yes, costumes. Then this:

Yep, their servers wears french maid costumes. When you enter, they will greet you with a Japanese phrase that I can only assume as “Welcome home Master” or something of the likes. Sorry, I don’t really speak Japanese.

It may surprise you, but this is the common outfit for the Cosplay/Maid Cafes in Japan. Another thing that will surprise you is their menu:

Well, that’s not the surprising part, but food and drinks just cover 30% of their Menu. This is the rest:

Again, it may be highly unusual here but this is the norm for Cosplay/Maid Cafes in Japan. Mind you, it’s not limited to french maid costumes, it can be any Anime character costumes and such. The idea behind is that many Cosplay/Anime fans are able to interact with their favorite character. Some cafes, such as this one, have their own “maids” you can interact with. You can learn more about them through their biodata of sort.

There are also a lot of Japanese stuff in this cafe, from Anime action figure to Manga.

After checking out the place we decided to order drinks. We just had our lunch so we weren’t hungry. I ordered a Cold Choco.

It was good, I mean, you can never go wrong with cold chocolate drink. My friend Eric Bana ordered cappuccino.

He said that it’s a good cappuccino. They also have a member’s card that will give you some perks. You get a stamp for every P100 you spend. Get 10 stamps and you’ll get P50 off to your next purchase. Get 20, you’ll get P100 off. Get 30 and you’ll be able to wear anime costumes:

This is the interior of the place:

Yep, they have windows inside. It feels like a small house of anime, and I like it! Also, there’s anime songs playing all the time, so you can really feel the Anime/Cosplay atmosphere here.

For my first experience in a cosplay/maid cafe, I had a jolly good time. It was really nice, I like anime and everything, so this was a really good experience. Also, the service time was fast, and the prices are reasonable, but you can never really put a price on experience. 🙂

I feel like a king in that chair. It’s like it was built for me. lol

When you leave the place, they “maids” will shout another Japanese phrase that I can only assume as “Thank you, Master! Come Again!” But then again, I’m no Japanese language expert.

I’m pretty sure that people who likes cosplay/anime/manga or anything Japanese, will love this place. CosCafe is located at the 2nd floor JY Square Mall, Brgy. Lahug, Cebu City. You can visit their facebook page for more info.

“Thank you, Master! Come Again!”

Update(Aug 24, 2014):

My sister is a certified Otaku, so when she knew that this place exist, she wanted to visit this as soon as possible.

They updated the prices of their meals, which is a good thing. 🙂

We ordered Honey toast and Onigiri(Lechon flavor).

The honey toast was really good! I really like it! The presentation was really nice! It makes you want to eat it more.

This was the first time I ate Onigiri(rice balls) and it was quite good. It’s a traditional Japanese dish. Inside this is lechon, but they have other flavors(Tuna mayo, miso and bacon).

My sister ordered Java Chips for her drinks and I ordered Blended Mocha.
DSCF7017 DSCF7015

My sister was really happy, Like I said, she’s an Otaku, and this was like heaven to her.

Give me some food, onegaishimasu!


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