The Land of Promise II: Day 2

I woke up well rested and was ready for another long day of fun ahead. We took a bath, ate light breakfast and then went on our way to the city. We walked to the highway and on the way was their church. She told me before that she really liked this church very much and would like to be married there someday. I do agree, it’s a nice church.
DSCF2232 IMGP0321 IMGP0324

After a couple of photos, we went our way. We reached the highway and rode a jeep to the city. It was about 15-20 minute travel. We went into the mall, bought a couple of stuff, then went to some hardware and bought a water hose. It was almost noon, so naturaly, we were hungry. We proceed to search for a nice place to eat. A co-worker suggested this place near St. Michael’s Cathedral. He said that they cooked killer liempo and lechon manok. We found the place in seconds, as it was near where we got off.


We ordered their lechon manok since it was more than enough for the both of us and I would just try their liempo when I return. There was a combo of half lechon manok and liempo but I was not able to see it. The chicken was really good! It didn’t disappoint. It was more delicious because I was eating it with The Girl.

After our lunch, we headed home. I was more than excited to see the city again and as usual, The Girl was telling stories of her childhood in the city. I really love it when she does that. 🙂

On the way, I bought a mango because it looked really tasty, and it was. 😀

We arrived at their house and rest for a while. We were planning to go to a pool resort nearby with her cousins and her sister in the afternoon. While they rest, I looked around the house and photograph stuff randomly.

There were a lot of rocks near their house.IMGP0374 IMGP0375

Septic tank was built so that they can put a CR inside the house. Before that, they were using an outhouse.IMGP0376 IMGP0377 IMGP0383

And of course, a selfie.IMGP0384

After a couple of hours rest, we then went to their cousin’s house. And there I met this cute little guy, whom The Girl talked about and I only saw in pictures.

A short while after, we went to the pool resort. We had a great time eating, chatting, and swimming.  The resort was really nice. The water was really cold.

There was an ostrich farm and some animals in this resort, but I’ll have to visit them next time since we ran out of time. Also, the next day would be another long day.

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