CYMA Greek Taverna – Defunct

Opa! Wait wait wait, let me stop you there. I know what you’re thinking.

Heeeeey, sexy lady..

And that ain’t it! The word OPA! is used in Greek culture to express a feeling of joy, high spirits and happiness. So, stop singing that outdated song! 😀

The Girl will be leaving Cebu to pursue her studies in Mindanao. So before we live separately(literally) we decided to go to as many restaurants, that we havent tried before, as we can.


I was searching the internet a few days ago and I found this:

They’re called, lowl cats.

Hahahahahahahahahah oh hahahahahahaha! Whew, almost died there laughing. Apparently, cats are the “Kings of the Internet.”

Anyhoo, after I stopped wasting my time on that pesky site, I checked some unique resto in Cebu. I think this is the only Greek restaurant in this part of the country, but I could be wrong. I’m really intrigue with Mediterranean cuisine. I’ve tried Italian cuisine, but never had Greek. So we went to the place. Besides, I love my My Big Fat Greek Wedding and that should account for something.


When we got there, the place was ok, it was kind of unusual for me to see this kind of kitchen:

There were no glass or anything, but it wasn’t distracting. It was kinda cool. 🙂

We browse through their menu, and I have no idea what most of them are. There’s chicken, pork, beef and lamb, and that’s it, that’s all I could recognize. I find it very interesting.


So, we did a little game of “choose the ones with weird names” when we ordered. It was hard, they all had weird names. While waiting for our orders, the staff offered to take our photos:

Our orders arrived one by one after 5-10 minutes.

First up, Tzatziki Mezze. It means bread something on white something veggies with olive on top. It was… uhm quite the vegetarian dish. 🙂


Next up, Olives and Feta Mezze. Well, we learned something, I’m not a fan of Olives. The toasted garlic bread, however, were great.

This Chicken Souvlaki, was good. The chicken and veggie combination was great.


This one is Moussaka Mezze. I’m not really sure what’s in this dish, but I could taste egg, eggplant, and beef. I like it, The Girl, not so much.


We ordered a couple of their homemade iced tea, which was delicious, and started eating.

The food here was good. It was a good experience. The customer service, however, was outstanding. I almost didn’t need to raise my hand if I need something, except for getting the wifi PW and getting the bill. Their servers are really observant. When we arrived, he asked if we need cold water since it was scorching hot outside. Asked if we would lake to have our pics taken. Giving us extra chair for our bags and stuff. If my glass of water was nearly empty, he would come to the table and asked if I would like to have some more. It was wonderful. It’s worth more than their 10% service charge.

Next time we’re here, we’ll order their meat dish. I wanna try their lamb and seafood dishes.


As we exit the restaurant, I suddenly felt the urge to eat something cold and sweet. So we went to Dessert Factory and ordered their Sundae. It was good, specially this summer season.

Yep, that was some good sundae

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