With that said, we are on our 9th month! I think the 9th month is important. It takes 9 months for an unborn child to become a full pledge human! With that analogy, our relationship might be born into a new level, cut the umbilical cord of the past and grow up to become a big, healthier relationship! Or at least that’s where I think it would go. Anyhoo, I got The Girl an arm pillow and cell phone holder for our 9th. She really likes to sleep in the office I mean she just gets a little sleepy sometimes so I decided to buy her that arm pillow. She, most of the time, lost track of her cellphone, so I bought her a hello kitty-esq cellphone holder.



I decided to buy that arm pillow because that design is from the character of a movie she likes.

She likes hello kitty so I bought something that looked like, or tried to look like, hello kitty.
I wanted to do a naruto reference but someone beat me to it. >.<

Nein literally means “no” in German but it sounds like 9! It’s being used a lot on the internet to mock Germans, well, a specific german. But it has been used all over the internet. Please look at exhibit A.

Exhibit A

But that has nothing to do with me or The Girl, I just find weirdly funny. =D

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