Mindanao, The Land of Promise – Day 8: Departure

We left the house at dawn since there are limited number of buses that pass by the house every day. I didn’t get to take a pictures but it was our first time sitting on the cargo instead of the seat for passengers since the bus was already full. It was a fun experience! We arrived in Pagadian city after 2 hours. We wont be travelling by airplane this time so we need to ride a bus to Ozamiz City.

Ozamiz Port
Ozamiz Port
First time seeing a solar powered street light in person!


When we arrived at the ticket booth, we found out that the tickets are sold out! No ships that leaves that day other than that one! We were in a pickle.

Charity hugs the bags out of desperation. Not really, she’s just camera shy at the time.


We decided to stay in Ozamiz city for a night and got tickets for another ship that leaves the next day. We were able to find a nice lodge and stayed there. We also went around the city but I wasn’t able to document it.
IMGP0130 IMGP0139

After buying our necessities, we head to the lodge and took a good night’s sleep.


  1. I remembered it to be really frustrating knowing that we can not go back on schedule. Waaaaaaa! >_<
    I will to-and-from tickets next time.
    P.S. I still enjoyed our stay in Ozamis despite the delay. 🙂 I guess everything's enjoyable when I'm with you and An2. 🙂

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