Mindanao, The Land of Promise – Day 5: Goin’ Bananas and Trekking

On the previous post, I said that her parents had to tend their land. It turns out, they were harvesting their bananas! They were delivered by a guy using his horse. I forgot to mention that in this part, they are still using horses as a means of transporting goods. It was also the first time I’ve seen horses doing this. I was really amazed!

Indiana Jones theme was playing in my head while imagining this guy riding the horse to deliver the bananas in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade Ending credits style.

While the bananas were being delivered, we cleaned the house while her parents and her sister prepared lunch. IMGP9709 IMGP9705

Just like newly weds, apparently. 🙂


After lunch, we played a little badminton to burn off some fats.

While they were busy with playing badminton, I took some photos of the wild life I found around the house.
IMGP9701 IMGP9750

Shortly after this shot, the truck that would deliver the bananas came and they start loading the bananas. I’ve asked around and they said that this would be delivered to Cebu.

After the bananas were delivered, I went around the house photographing just about anything that catches my attention.

I usually hang around with his father all the time. We talk about mostly politics, history, religion, mysticism and anything under the sun. I’ve learned a lot from her father, he’s an intelligent man and a genius farmer!

Pictured above: Me, having a conversation with a wise man.

That afternoon, we went to the land that her family managed. His father is a genius! He was once told that “Durian” would never grow in these parts, but he proved them wrong.

Pictured Above: Durian

The guy who told him that Durian wont grow, was engulfed by fire due to the huge amount of burn he got from seeing the Durian tree. Her father really didn’t say what happened to the guy, so naturally I assume that that’s what happened.

So we went a head and had a 15 minute walk to their land and I was really impressed! It was really nice! All the trees and other life forms thriving!

After tending the cows and the goats, we went back home. When we arrived, they were already preparing for the beach outing the next day.

I took some photos of other stuff I found interesting around the place.

That day, the house was really bustling with activity as we prepare for the beach day the day after.

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