Mindanao, The Land of Promise – Day 3: Closing Ceremony

I was awaken by the sound of a rooster’s “cock-a-doodle-doo” or “talk to Gaok.” Ok, “talk to Gaok” is very Filipino. I got it from a Filipino joke. Anyhoo, I love waking up in that place, it was like in Bohol. No cars, no tall buildings, no city noises, I just love it. Today was her younger sister’s school’s closing day and we had to get ready early to join the closing ceremony. Her mother was the designated photographer and The Girl was the back up. I was the behind the scenes guy, I think. Anyhoo, we went to her closing day since she got the 1st honor for her class and a consistent one at that, just like The Girl.

After the closing ceremony, we went straight home and had lunch. After lunch, we rest for a bit. This was the perfect way to spend my days off, rest without worry in the world. I left my worries in the city when I got here. I deserve this rest after years of working. 😀

After resting, we got into sports. We played badminton.
IMGP9574 IMGP9584 IMGP9582The Girl and I, have decided that we would lose weight by playing badminton. It was fun and we are sweating at the same time, perfect for losing weight. The kids were playing badminton with us, but it looked like they were playing “pick up the shuttle cock” instead. Watching those kids brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. I used to play this with my sister and some kids from the neighborhood. We weren’t really good with it and would just end up playing “pick up the shuttle cock.” Yep, good times. 🙂

My Rival, getting a kiss from The Girl! Where’s my kiss? 😛


  1. Why aren’t you posting the photos that have YOU in them? 😦 You were there during the closing ceremony. Hmp!

    Cye-cye’s oversized shirt is too funny! My father always has shirt shortage everytime we’re at home. We can’t help it, they’re just too comfy. hehe..

    You’re so cute when you get jealous. hihi
    Your rival’s barely 2 years old so there’s nothing to worry about. 😀

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