Mindanao, The Land of Promise – Day 2: Meet the Parents

We woke up early so that we could enjoy the pool longer. We need to get on the bus before 11am, so we hit the pool and had breakfast there.

And after a couple of hours, we packed out things and went to the bus station.

Passionately curious.

She was really curious on what I was doing with that weird white box-like contraption I was holding and fiddling.

I was only able to photographed inside the bus because I carried a lot of stuff  and I was not able to grab my camera.

After a few hours, we arrived at our destination; Casa Paradela.

When I arrived at their place, this was the scene that greeted me.

“What did you do to my daughter?” As he lift his sledgehammer, I wet my pants.

Just kidding, he was a very nice man! Once we had established a common ground, we just hit it off.


Mother-Daughter Bonding

Her mother was very nice as well, she’s really accommodating and I can see where The Girl got her looks from. 🙂

The Neighbor. Apparently, there are 9 people living there. And by living, I meant living with the living.

This was the view from The Girl’s favorite spot.

We arrived at her house around 4-5pm and I was introduced to her parents and some relatives. I was talking to her father for quite a while and we had a very delicious dinner! Unfortunately I wasnt able to take photos of it. It was native chicken soup, and one of the best ones I have ever tasted and I’ve tasted a lot. So after dinner, he chat a little with the family and since we were exhausted from the travel, we called it a night.


  1. As you can see Cyrine is having a blast, thanks to you. Too bad we forgot the toblerone pillow you gave her at the hotel. 😦
    See, there was nothing to be nervous about. My parents really like you specially papa. You really hit it off that I sometimes get jealous. ehehe. I’m really happy the people I love are getting along so well. Congrats Langga! You have won not only my heart but also theirs. 😉

  2. Reblogged this on The Girl and commented:
    He arrived with a sprained ankle and I had to take care of him. Not that I am complaining. hehe.. I love those chances where I can show him how much he I care for him. 🙂

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