Yay! We’re out of the breaking point stage. Well, according to “love experts” (not trolls from Frozen), 6 months is the break or make time for people who are in a relationship. The first 6 months will determine if you are going to be continue the relationship. I don’t really believe in it because it doesn’t apply to everyone. Nevertheless, hurrah still for we are still going stronger!

During our 7th month, we didn’t really went anywhere fancy because we had a lot of things to do. She had foot spa and we ate at a small bbq place The next day, our friends suggested we eat out. I agreed so that we could eat out for our monthsary. Funny thing is, we have the same monthsary as our friends. 7 down and 5 more to go before our first year. It seems that it was just yesterday that we were just friends and bicker at the pantry all the time. Time does really fly fast when you’re enjoying things. =)

Oh and if you are wondering, Nana is 7 in Japanese. =D

DSCF9109 DSCF9056

Zia with “mommy” and “daddy”.DSCF9077

Due to my internet related problems(I can no longer access the internet at home for free because the owner changed the password, ok I connect for free even if it is a paid service because the owner has a really crappy password system and it’s not my fault that i’m a genius and he should have changed the password often, so that’s what happened… but, I digress.), this was posted late. 

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