Day 365: Still Playing

365At laaaaaaaaaaaaast, it’s finally doooooone! It was not easy but I did it! Hurrah for me! This was quite the challenge and I’m glad I did it. It taught me a lot of things; photography(and otherwise) related stuff. 365 days ago, I posted a photo of this cute little girl as the first post for the 365 project. 365 days later, she’s grown, and apparently, still likes to play. A lot has happened this year. Good and bad things but mostly good. Making this 365 project was a good idea. I have some visual representation on what I did this year. This was a good year. One of the best I ever had. At the end of this project, I guess I will probably upgrade it to another project: 1000 photos project. It’s like 365 but I can post whenever I want. It should be photos that I like(artistic or otherwise) and some back story. I want to continue with 365 but that would be cheating, so I’ll start it next year and hopefully will be done by the end(or within) the year.

I would like to thank everyone who liked my posts, reposted them, and who leave their comments on my posts. To the people who encouraged me to continue this project(You know who you are!), specially The Girl, who supported me through it all. A big thank you from me!


Thank you again guys and have a happy new year!

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