STK ta Bay! Paolito’s Seafood House


It’s been while since I’ve reviewed a restaurant in this blog. Been very busy, funding issues and a couple of nature’s hissy fit. Anyhoo, this visit is special, this is the first time I reviewed a resto with The Girl Who Likes To Eat Crabs In Curry Sauce.

STK stands for Sugba(Grill), Tuwa(Soup, from the word Tinola), Kilaw(raw, usually fish, salad). I’ve been visiting this place for a long time now. Not many knows this place but those who knows, always dine in here. The food here is delicious as it is inexpensive! The place is like a converted old house. There are lot of antique stuff lurking around the place.
IMGP6975 IMGP6973 IMGP6976

This is just one part of the place, they have different rooms full of the same antique stuff.

We arrived at the place around 8 in the evening and placed our orders thereafter.
One of our orders was Crab in Curry Sauce. This thing is Deeeeeelicious! The crab and the curry just go so well together! Spiciness of the curry and the sweet taste of the crabs just blends into perfection. Looking at this photo makes me hungry.

Interesting thing about our 2nd order is that, just in front of this place, a new resto opened up. It’s called Bucket of Shrimp(next target), well you can kind of guess what they server there. Naturally, this resto came up with something of their own, Palanggana of Shrimp(Basin of Shrimp). I know, talk about petty competition(lol). We ordered that one since it was cheap, just P100 good for two! And I’m telling you, it’s not good just for 2, it’s like good for 4 people! It was plentiful, however, it wasn’t cooked the way we wanted it. We preferred sauteed shrimp than deep fried, nevertheless, it was really good.

The third thing on our menu was Suglaw. It’s a short and mixture of Sinugba and Kinilaw. Sinugba is basically grilling and kinilaw is raw meat with vinegar(or anything you want to put with it really). Yeah, it’s a combination of grilled pork and raw fish in vinegar and spices. It was good. Not really the best one I had but not too bad actually.

We also ordered a platter of rice and ice cold softdrinks.
We only ordered 3 dishes out of 100+ dishes since there only two of us. I mean, we barely manage to finish it all and we had to take out the shrimp.

She wanted to eat more but she’s already full.

Been here so many times now and I have no plans of stopping. This is one of the best place to dine in the city. The place is not really near the road, that’s why there aren’t many people know this place. To those who do, however, they always keep coming back for more. I know we will. =D


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