Lighthouse Restaurant Cebu

IMGP4303I have seen this place when I travel to and from work. I asked my native Cebuano friends about this place and all they say that this place has been here for a really long time now. I really wanted to try dining here for a long time now. So when a friend asked where we would dine for her “despedida” party, we decided to try this place out.

We arrived at the place around 7:30 in the evening. I had made reservations ahead of time so we would have a table when we get there. When we went in, it felt like home. I mean, I felt really comfortable with the place. It was really cozy with its Spanish/Filipino style setting.
IMGP4297 IMGP4301 IMGP4352 IMGP4353

Blind musicians will serenade you with beautiful local and foreign songs throughout the night.

While we waited for a couple of friends, we started to order. They mainly have Filipino dishes on their menu. On their specialty, I wanted to order lobster but unfortunately, they only have crabs available that night. I was really hungry that time so I decided to order dishes that I’m familiar with.
This “Tinolang Tangigue” was really good. This cost about P140.


This tastes like the usual Lechon Kawali. Costs around P170.
I love eating squid and this grilled squid was delicious! Costs around P155.
This calamares costs around P155 and it was delicious as well.

I ordered garlic rice while the girls ordered plain rice. I love the way they serve the rice. They put it in a small pot.IMGP4326 IMGP4327 IMGP4328

To quench our thirst, we ordered a couple of iced tea, coke, beer and cali.

Here are the crabs I mentioned earlier. They’re still alive and you can choose the one you want eat.

The food was really good and it didn’t take a long time for our orders to arrive. The place really makes the food tastier, or probably it’s just me again?

So, the verdict?

Three Thumbs Up!

Like I said, I didn’t order any unusual dishes since I was really hungry. All in all, this was a pretty good restaurant. The servers were really nice and their uniform compliments the place. This is one of the place that I can call a real restaurant. Maybe that’s just me though. Anyhoo, I will be back to try their other dishes soon.

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