Nonoy Banoy


Earlier this morning, I received a message from my sister that another member of the family died. This time, it’s from my father’s side.

Nonoy, as we call him, was a very generous man. Ever since I was a kid, he would give me “presents”(money mostly) whenever he is in town. You see, he was a priest. He was assigned to far remote places and seldom comes home. I really admired that man. My parents told me to be generous and share but I saw the act of generosity by observing him. When I was young, he taught me about life, how to get along with my siblings, respect and specially about God. Although he didn’t teach me about it but I might have absorbed his drinking habits as well.

I want to share what my Aunt Terry posted in her facebook page, since this sums up what he really was.

“Reverend Father Silvano A. Evangelista, my older brother, at 61, joined his Creator @ 2:00 a.m. Philippine time….the most humble person I have ever give him a shirt and the next thing you see, somebody’s wearing it…sending students to college and we didn’t even know who they were…lived his vow of poverty in the truest sense, in fact  he had the worst looking car or mode of transportation to say masses in far remote places…had the loudest motorcycle not because it is a Harley but an old clunky junk that still runs and usable…people kidded him that he would die of tetanus not due to accident…Nonoy Banoy, I will miss you a lot and proud of you for your simpleness and humility. Rest in peace my dear brother, there is no pain in heaven.”

He never lived in luxury.. You give him something nice and he gives it to someone else, he never bought a nice car or even a decent one. He had a volkswagen but it was rusty and once you see it you’d prolly say this car would break any minute from now. He never lived in a beautiful convent, he’s fine anywhere you put him, heck even if you put him on top of the mountains or the remotest place on earth he wouldn’t mind.. I lost count of how many people he’s helped by sending them to school. People, sometimes, would take advantage of his kindness and i’m pretty sure he knows it but he wouldn’t say a thing..he’d still help!

He goes to some place for some seminar, he’s given places where he could stay, all of them luxurious, he’d choose somewhere cheap and unknown. He’s got some money to spend but i’ve never seen him spend it for himself, it’s always allotted for someone who might need it. He’s the kindest man i’ve ever known or have met. He lived a life of a priest, like how priests should be in the bible.”

Thank you Noy for everything. I know that you’re with Mama Conciang now. We love you and we miss you both.

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  1. I have the privilege of knowing your uncle Fr. Vannix. It was early 90’s I taught at HCha Ubay Bohol & I was there also on his send off to Jagna parish…you’re right he was kind & generous, not a shy one he used to sing on stage every opportunity & always the song “He ain’t heavy ( he’s my brother) he used to tease us young single teachers…that if any of us wants to get married he’ll marry us in a flash…I’m in australia now…to far away from home but I’m glad…that on my journey, I come across people like your uncle.

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