Beehive Restaurant Cebu

IMGP0918In my previous post about Irie Gastropubliko, I mentioned that there were only a few websites that did a review on the restaurant. It might not be surprising given that most restaurants doesn’t have any reviews, but the thing is though, Beehive have been open for at least 50 years. Yep, you read that right. 50-gosh-darn-years(as of the time of this writing). And all I can see is trip adviser’s site review for this restaurant. Also, the name doesn’t say “I’m 50 years old” and it’s kinda trendy. Makes me wonder what the people in the 60’s think of when they heard about this place.

I first noticed this place around 5 years ago and my friends(the one with the new golden watch and the long lost friend) have been planning to visit this place as well. So after watching the (a bit disappointing)Iron Man 3, we went to the place.

The place is located near Bigfoot building in Ramos street in Cebu. When we arrive at the place, it reminded me of how restaurants looked like back in the day. I vividly remember being in a restaurant like that, it has a sort of oldness to it.
IMGP0909 IMGP0910

I’ve heard that the waiters weren’t changed much, and I thought that it was just exaggeration but when the waiter came to us, he looked like he is in his later 40’s. Anyhoo, while we waited for a friend, we started ordering. They serve mostly Spanish dishes. They have imported stuff too. Here’s their complete menu:

There was a complimentary bread & butter, and salad for the meals we ordered.
IMGP0943 IMGP0955

We ordered the Empanaditas(Php70), a bite size version of empanadas. This was really good!  IMGP0957

The tenderloin steak was just okay. I had better ones.

The Peruvian Steak(Php450) was really good. Although, I would have liked the servings to be a tad more generous given the price.

We also had the Buttered Shrimp(Php240). This was good but I guess I’m a sauteed-shrimp-in-garlic kind of a guy.IMGP0954

Then there was this Goat Caldereta(Php280). It has been years since I had a goat caldereta and this one was really good! It was really tender and tasty, and the meat just slips from the bones!IMGP0950

We also ordered rice which was, well, tasted like rice. =DIMGP0958

We were so full that we have a little room left for dessert. We ordered the Beehive Roll(Php70). I’ve heard of this before and this is one of the reason why I wanted to try this place more. It’s a chocolate cake roll with vanilla ice cream in the middle. As a chocolate and ice cream lover, this was really good.

The Verdict?

We really enjoyed the place. The only beef I had was that the Callos, which was highly recommended, was not available… and oh, also the steak were a bit pricey for their size, but the price of the other dishes were reasonable. All in all, it was a good place to dine in. The place was cozy, the waiters were very polite and the food was good. If you’re in town, just drop by this resto. Also, if you miss the looks of the restaurants from 20 years, or so, ago or if you feel nostalgic and wants a resto to match your mood, just head out to this place and you won’t be disappointed.

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