Irie Gastropubliko Cebu – Defunct

Shortly after discovering fire, humans made clubs to beat each other in the head, and then learned how to cook meat to celebrate afterwards. Then the loved for cooked meat made us see new things, and the first thing we can think of when seeing new things is “how would it taste like?” I got the same urge when I saw this resto the first time. So when I passed by this restaurant the nth time, we decided that it’s time to try it.


As what I’ve said, we have been passing this restaurant for several times before we decided to dine here. I have this urge, however, to try it here the first time I saw this resto a month or so ago. The name shouts of Jamaican, but apparently, it was named after the son of the owner, Euan Irie. I tried searching any reviews for this resto but there weren’t much even though they opened a year ago. The lack of reviews didn’t stop us from satisfying our basic human needs; to eat.

We arrive at the place late in the afternoon. I felt comfortable even if their color motif is black. Most people prefer light colors but I’m good with black, probably because I watched too much Batman but I digress. The place is also big and the lack of customers that time made it more bigger. We occupied the seats for a large group since it looks comfortable and we are the only customers that time.


Their menu was full of interesting dishes, even if the name sounds Jamaican the dishes are  actually like Mediterranean/American cuisine cooked Filipino style. I wasn’t able to secure a copy of their menu but this was I was able to find an older one at this website(the one on the website is not updated but more or less the same).

One of the ladies ordered the Angus Kebab(Php250). It was really good! I like Angus beef and I actually wanted that one.


The other gal ordered Smoked Salmon Pasta(Php250). It was also good, loved the smoke salmon.


I ordered one of their specialty, it’s called Fat Bastard. I like the fat bastard, it’s actually really tasty. And yes, it can make you a fat bastard if you keep eating it.


The servings of the dishes were really generous, more generous than Marshall’s Irish Pub. Speaking of pub, the gals ordered regular sodas, but seeing their menu of imported beer made me order a couple. A couple that broke my bank(for those of you wondering, it has been long established that I’m a cheap-ass guy).


I like the taste of this beer, it’s really different from what I used to drink. I checked their list of imported beer again and found out that they were selling the  beer that my friend considers the best beer he had.

Holy Beer

This one was really good! Chimay are actually brewed by Trappist Monks, so it’s sort of holy. With 9% alcohol content, this one was kinda strong in my standard(my standard is not that high).

So, the verdict?

Two Thumbs Up!

Anyhoo, we really had a good time dining here and it made me wonder why there aren’t any reviews for this restaurant because the place and the food was really good and really worth the price! Looking forward the next time I enter this place. You guys should try it, they are located at the ground floor of Skyrise 4, IT Park in Lahug Cebu City. You can visit their pages here and here.

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