Day 107: Summer Sunrise

107For those of you in the far northern hemisphere, it’s practically winter. I’m sorry to hear that. In this part of the world, on the other hand, it’s so hot. Mila Kunis making out with Miranda Kerr while Scarlett Johansson is… okay, it’s hot. This has got to be one of the hottest summer so far. I really want to go to the beach… Please someone take me to the beach… anyone!*Collapsed, then, sees a sort of mirage-ish things on the road* Mila? Miranda? Scarlett? Why are you guys here? No, no, this is not the place… not there… no~! *wakes up sweating like the guy who needs to tell Aladeen his pet died*

Seriously, I need to take some time off because I’m getting weird, weird, weird  dreams.




By the way, a happy happy birthday to my dear friend Rizi, who celebrated her 51st birthday this year. You were just 31 last year! It’s amazing how fast time pass by!


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