Day 105: Belgian Trappist


Okay, the beer week has end but I just have to post this one for this is the most expensive beer I have ever purchased. It may not be much but for me it costs an arm and a leg which is approximately P300 or around $7. I’m a cheapskate, sue me. Anyhoo, I heard about this before from a friend, he said that this was brewed by Trappist monks in Chimay, Belgium. There are 4 Chimay in production and this one has the highest alcohol content, 9%. That may also be the reason I felt “holy” after drinking this beer… and by “holy” I meant light headed. An interesting fact about this beer is that most of the profit from this beer is given to charities and the monk’s/monastery’s cost of living, so by buying this beer I helped some charity in Belgium which in turn makes me a good man… “holy” by my standards.

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