Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie 9


I had a couple of “firsts” today. One was the first Japanese beer I had(check the previous post) and second, this is the first time I watched one of my favorite manga/anime series on the big screen. For those of you who don’t read Naruto, looked it up in google. For those of you who read/watch the series, no need to explain what it’s about and I’ll tell you now, the movie was great. For those of you who are down right Naruto addicts, this was the best Naruto movie so far!

Now about the movie. I was lucky enough to be in the country that was granted to show the movie in the cinemas. I can still remember the time I first read Naruto because a friend told me it was good… and it still is. Every week, I have been waiting impatiently for the next episode to come for the past 9 years, so that tells you that I’m “kinda hooked” to this series. This movie has reminded me why I like Naruto. The comedy, drama, fight scenes, everything, just what I expected and more from Naruto. I have been somewhat disappointed by the previous Naruto movies but this one was an exception. You see, the reason why I read/watch Naruto is because it has changed me. I read it because I sort of have a deeper, and sometimes philosophical, understanding about the series. Anyone who reads a book would understand this feeling. If you could look beyond the illustrations, you’d see that this series tackles almost everything in life. Now, I don’t expect you all to understand what I’m saying because this didn’t happen over night. It took me years to see beyond and understand the series. For those of you who do, this movie will not only pierce your heart but it would break you down like a kitkat bar,  and then build you up slowly into recovery and emotional stability This is movie will move you to tears, no matter how manly you are. But not me. I didn’t cry, because real  men, like Shinobis, don’t cry. We vomit from our eyes.

Ok, maybe this is just Asahi talking, nevertheless, for Naruto fans out there, this is a must watch movie. For Naruto hard core fans, no matter how hard you are, you’ll jerk a tear or two as if your toes hits a table leg, because this movie? Best. Naruto. Movie. Ever.

Sure, she’s smiling now. But this was taken before the movie.  I’m not telling everyone that you cried, like a child who lost her favorite toy, at specific scene. 😛

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