Marshall’s Irish Pub Cebu

Pierce Brosnan, Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, Bono, Liam Neeson and uhg, Barney Gumble(?). These are some of the famous Irish I know. Also there’s Guinness, St. Patrick and the IRA. You know why I’m saying these stuff? Ok, I know the title gave it away. I went to an Irish pub in Cebu.


This is the only Irish pub I know in Cebu, probably the only one in Cebu actually. I’ve read about this from a travel blogger and found out that this place is located just across a place my friends and I hangout.

So with shamrocks on our pockets and high expectations of finding a pot of gold, we went to the place. As what you expect from an Irish pub(well at least what I expect), it’s all green. The ambiance of the place was really nice. It was really cozy. I’ve seen Irish pubs on the telly and they don’t look like this, I mean those pubs are full of drunk Irish and leprechauns.

IMGP0231 IMGP0236 IMGP0245

According to one of the posters, I was Irish that day. So naturally, the first thing I ordered was beer.


I have always wanted to drink this beer ever since I heard of it. Took me a long time to find a place where they sell this, but,the awful feeling of those times searching disappeared after the first gulp. This was different from any beers I have tasted. This was really good! No wonder the Irish fancies a pint of beer every now and then, and by “fancies a pint of beer every now and then” I meant down right drunkards. If I would have access to this kind of beer at a lower price, I’d be broke and be living like a hobo right now(although, I can’t see much of a difference in the state I’m living in right This is a must try beer and a must stop yourselves from selling your liver just to drink this beer.

Another reason why we wanted to try this place is because they’re selling crocodile meat.

Lolong? Is that you?

This is the first time I tried crocodile meat. It tasted like fish but the texture is pork-ish. It feels weird eating it while thinking about the jaw-snapping-bone-breaking predators I came to love and feared.

We also ordered potato wedges which was a delight.


We also ordered the fisherman’s platter that consists of fish, calamari and potatoes.


I ordered Country Fried Steak. An Aussie beef with mashed potatoes, corn and bread. It was really good. With another glass of Guinness(extra strong this time), I was good to go. Next time I’m here, I’ll order that Wagyu beef. Didn’t noticed it until we finish ordering. 😦

I imagine this how a typical Irish meal looks like.

We also ordered baby back ribs(half rack). It was really good but not the best one for me though. The onion rings, however, were really good!


The ladies ordered lemonade and Cali to quench their thirst.




Disappointingly enough, I cant find  any actual pot of gold and I would love to end that night in a traditional Irish way. Anyhoo, the place was really nice, the food was also great, but my friends wanted the fish dishes cooked differently. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to hangout. It’s sort of a sports pub actually. I also liked the traditional Irish songs they were playing. I wasn’t able to try the other dish I wanted, Ostrich Steak. Well, there’s always a next time.


You can visit their website for more info about this place.

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