Day 97: Surprise


You see, I rarely get surprised for some reason. I also like to surprise than being suprised. Yesterday was one of those days that surprised me. It was my natal day yesterday and several coworkers pitched in to give me a little surprise. These guys were sort of not on their usual selves the past couple of days and I didnt understood why… until yesterday that is. They were planning this surprise earlier this week. It worked. I was really surprised. These guys managed to surprise me! Those sneaky little brats..hehehehe.. Seriously though, this is on of those times that I was really happy. I would like to thank you guys who made that possible… I was really touched… in an inappropriate ways..hehe.. And once I get your names, this is the only thing I can say: an eye for an eye (Mwahahaha) and you are all aces on my book.

Also, Mang Kanor jd? He’s too old! Still cant get over that..hahaha..

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