Day 86: Sikwate


Sikwate is a traditional Filipino drink made from cacao beans.  Basically it’s just like hot chocolate drink, Filipino style. I used to drink this every morning when I was a kid, partner this up with puto, and I’m good throughout the day. Bought this one from a coffee shop (or more like cocoa shop; Tablea), and it taste good, but I still think homemade ones are the best though. I’ll take you on a journey of the simple cacao beans and how it becomes a delicious drink. It starts with being vigorously chewed(which I have done so many times before, well, not vigorously) and ends up going back to my mouth as a drink, a few days later.  I have literally drank what I spit. Ewww. I may have omitted some processes but yeah, that’s basically it. Don’t be disheartened by the thought of me chewing it, the ones that you will be drinking will not be chewed by me, but some old folks from the neighboring towns of Cebu. Seriously though, it’s all good. They don’t do this the old fashion way anymore. =D

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