Manggahan Cebu


Manggahan is a restaurant that serves traditional Filipino dish. I just heard of this restaurant lately and I think they are new. Manggahan literally means a place where mangoes are sold or where you eat mangoes or where mangoes grow, no definite definition and it’s too complicated to explain why. This one, however, was named after the mango tree that grows at the back of that place. This resto is located near the entrance of Camp Lapu-Lapu in Lahug, Cebu City.

We arrived at the place around 11:30 am. The place looks cozy and comfortable.


I was really surprised that the prices for the dishes. They’re more affordable than what I’ve expected. We ordered several dishes and it didn’t take a long time for our orders to arrive. They have unlimited rice or, if you want mais, for only Php20 and Php15 respectively.


We ordered tuna panga, which was really affordable and tastes good too! I mean, this was just around Php150.


This lechon kawali just costs around Php50ish. Lechon kawali like this would usually costs around Php100+.

This larang(fish soup) was really good, well I like it. Although larang from Pasil is still the best. This was cooked slightly different. It’s kinda viscous, but in a god way.

This is one of the more delicious chop suey that I have tasted. It was really good. I’m not really big with veggies, but this one is really delicious!


The Sinuglaw(mixture of sinugba and kinilaw), however, was disappointing. The tuna was frozen and it didn’t taste good, it was too hard.

The other bummer of the place was there seems to be an abundance of flies at the time we were there. Maybe it was just today but there was an awful lot of flies when we arrive. The solution? Candle light. In my 20+ years of existence, I didn’t know that a simple candle light can drive flies away! I was really surprised!

Anyhoo, we really had a good time with the place. I wanted to try this restaurant ever since I read about it and at the same time, we want to celebrate my friend’s advance birthday. So, it’s hitting two birds with one stone.

There are improvements that needs to be made, specially on the sinuglaw and the abundance of flies. All in all though, it was good. The food tasted good(most of it), the price was really affordable and the customer service was really good. I think I’ll be back soon and try other dishes.

Anyhoo, advance happy birthday Kai and enjoy your trip back home! Also, don’t come back if you have no pasalubong! Just kidding!=D

One comment

  1. Customer complaint with MANGGAHAN RESTO:


    We walked out and forgot all of our orders after 30 mins of waiting and 3 follow up..


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