Day 72: Rest

71This old man was walking a few moments ago, he then sat down to rest. It was really hot afterall, and I guess he needed to rest. While I took this shot, it made me think. In this fast-paced, workaholic world we are living in, we seldom get a chance to truly rest. “Truly” not “eternaly” rest. I mean, that kind of rest when we forget everything about our working lives and just go off to somewhere where nothing reminds us of it. In my own opinion, we should stop thinking about work from time to time and just focus on something else. I guess, I’m going to take a short vacation. Maybe just on beach somewhere. It’s almost summer in this part of the world and the days are getting hotter. Anyway, you guys should do the same. If you already did, well, do it again anyway. =D

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