La Maison Rose: The Pinkhouse Restaurant


Sacre Bleu! My fascination with the French started when I saw “The Mask”. There was a part there when Jim Carrey uttered some french verse. Didn’t know that the phrase he uttered was a double entendre(which is not a french word by the way!). This grew in my pubescent age when I saw “Moulin Rouge!” and “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir” became a sort of pick up line I used that has worked like a charm never in my life. This fascination has exploded into vast proportion when I discovered the internet and learned to Yahoo! search (yes, I was searching using Yahoo! before) uhm, typical french terms I hear from people(e.g. french There you go, that basically sums up what I know about the french during my younger years. Now though, I knew of the french revolution, Ratatouille(film), iron chef Hiroyuki Sakai,  frog jokes (learnt it from The Simpsons), “bonjour, you cheese eating surrender monkeys!” (The Simpsons again), Normandy landings, Jeremy Clarkson and of course the ever famous towering structure of France: President Sarkozy’s hot, sexy wife, Mrs. Sarkozy.

I wanna get cozy with Sarkozy.
Wanna get cozy with Sarkozy?

Okay, enough about my fantasies of committing adulterous acts with a president’s wife and let’s get it on the experience with this french restaurant.

We have been planning(as usual) since last year to visit this restaurant. I’ve been to a Japanese, Chinese and Italian restaurants before, so, to complete my iron chef based restaurant visits, I need to try a French restaurant. I don’t know any french restaurant other than this one though, so I just have to try it. I’ve read good reviews from this restaurant.  I was planning to take someone out on a date here, but unfortunately that didn’t went according to plan. I also heard that it houses the Honorary French Consulate, so this made me want to visit this place more. I made reservations the day before just to make sure we could get a table when we arrive. I passed by the restaurant on my way to work everyday, and this place used to be an abandon house with a huge lot. Then a year or so ago, the place was renovated into a restaurant in the first floor and a french cooking school on the second floor.

We arrive at the place around 7 in the evening, informed the maître d’hôtel of our reservations, and one of the un serveur led us to our table. She then handed us an iPad, yep, an iPad as our menu. I forgot to tell you one of the reasons why we went into the restaurant, it’s because of the iPad. Unfortunately, you can’t play angry birds or temple run on it though.

While the mademoiselles were checking the dishes on the menu, I took some photos of the place. Weirdly enough, for a french restaurant, they have an awful lot of Chinese paintings…

For some reason, this reminds me of NoKor and Kim Jong-il.

and some birds.

Nope, Chuck Testa.

They also have western stuff like this white piano…

This reminds me of Matzo, because Matzo is a Hebrew and one famous Hebrew I know is Władysław Szpilman, which is pianist in Poland when the Nazi invaded them in 1939 and a year later, they invaded France.

an old school telephone…

Patent thief and all around bad guy Thomas Edison, was the first one to use “hello” when answering the telephone.

and butt cheeks lamp.

Literally, baby got back.

The only beef I had with this place is the light. Although it was a really nice place to stay in with it’s current light setup, I find it really hard to focus using my camera because the light is insufficient. That’s just for me though, and I can just easily bring an external flash next time, so it’s all good. All in all, I really love the ambiance of the place. Although it’s hard to use the camera in low light, it’s really comfy at times when you don’t use the camera. That ambiance and some smooth french jazz music, I reckon that this is a great place to take someone on date. I love the design of the ceiling lights by the way.

This makes the place really cozy with it’s low light ambiance and smooth french jazz music.

After we submitted our order using the iPad, they served their complimentary appetizers.

Truffle, Gruyere and Caviar

Our orders didn’t take a long time at all, or maybe we just had fun chitchatting that we lost count of time. Anyhoo, the dishes were served by the un serveur who was wearing a pink french maid outfit. She then bid us “Bon Appetit” as she left our table.

The Poached Chicken I ordered was really good. I’m used to eating chicken but this one is definitely one of the best chicken I had. I ordered it with rice, which was a mistake for me after I tasted the potato wedges that one of the ladies ordered.

Poached Chicken with Rice

Venus ordered the Black Pepper Steak with potato wedges. It was medium cooked and it suites my taste buds quite well. I like my steak medium, even though it was said that the best way to cook meat is medium rare.  And the potato wedges? I love it! The skin was crispy and it potato was a delight! I should have ordered that one. Well, there’s always a next time. =D

Black Pepper Steak with Potato Wedges

Tiffany ordered the Fish Papillotte with rice. I was not able to taste the dish itself but according to her it was good. I have to trust her verdict on that though. It does look good too.

Fish Papillotte with Rice

Bethel ordered the Black Pepper Steak but with rice instead of that heavenly potato. Still it was a really juicy steak. They both ordered medium by the way.

Black Pepper Steak with Rice

The servings of the dishes were really huge. It may look small on the photos but those plates are huge. I was very satisfied with the dishes we ordered. It was really worth the prices, which is not that expensive, being a french restaurant and all. Shortly after we finished our main course, the desserts were served.

I like sweet stuff so I like ordered Ile FlottanteIle Flottante literally means “Floating Island” and it’s a a French dessert consisting of meringue floating on crème anglaise (a vanilla custard). As you can see though, it’s not anywhere near floating but it still taste good. I would have done that sooner anyway.

Ile Flottante

Tiffany and Venus ordered the same dessert: Yogurt. You can choose 5 different flavors for your yogurt: strawberry basil, blackberry, red fruit, mango and honey. The girls chose honey and blackberry respectively. The honey was ok(not a yogurt fan), the blackberry is also ok. They said, however, that the honey tastes better.

It’s like Chem Lab all over again.

This may look like a normal chocolate cake, but, like Bethel, it’s hiding something awesome inside. Inside that small cake is a molten chocolate. It was really good. I love chocolates and I had desserts like this and I love them all. =D

Coulant Au Chocolat a.k.a. Chocolate Molten Cake

After we finished our desserts, we’ve spent some time chatting before we asked for the bill. There was a slight wait for our bill though. I over heard that they accidentally lost the list of what we ordered. So we decided to just chill out in their waiting area. I was really comfortable with the place, it feels like home, well apart from the fact that there were several foreigners in the place but yeah, feels just like home.

While we waited for our bill, the owner herself was very entertaining and asked us if we already have a table. She was a really polite woman and all the staff were polite as well. The customer service was good. After a few minutes of waiting, which I didn’t mind since I was still having fun taking photos of the place, our bill arrived. It arrived in a book form.


I want this book.

So, the verdict?

Three Thumbs Up!

If you are in town and want to dine at a descent restaurant(even if you are into french cuisine or not) this place is highly recommended. Everything was really worth it. I love the place, the ambiance, the food, the waitresses(lol), the owner, everything was nice. This has got to be one of (if not) the best restaurant I have ever been to. Seriously, I really had a great time and great food. So, in the words of the T850, “I’ll be back.”

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