Day 50: Night Walker

49For 2 consecutive nights I’ve been seeing this woman walking in the street. She seems to be going somewhere(why would you walk out, right?). I just noticed that she’s not wearing any shoes or sandals after I took this photo. I’ve been told that our country is growing(economic-wise), not sure if that’s true, but we are still a very long way to go in eliminating poverty. As far as I can remember, this country has been fighting poverty, but I can’t see any difference. Sorry, I just can’t. I hope that it will change soon. We’ll have the elections this May, and I hope we are smarter in choosing the right people who will run our country. That is, however, very unlikely, because money runs our country’s politics and whoever has more will win. Oh well, what can we do? I’m not losing hope though, our current politicians are still in a phase that my political science teacher call “Spanish Era Mentality”. Since Philippines was under the Spanish rule for over 400 years, the current politicians were still educated the way they were during the spanish rule. It’ll take too long to explain here so let’s just leave it at that. Anyhoo, few years from now that’ll change, and I think that’s the time we’ll really soar. So until then, Im not going to exercise my right to vote. =D

On an unrelated note, this is my 4th year in wordpress! Hurrah for me! =D

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