Day 49: Dinner a la Street

48This where I get dinner nowadays. These folks only setup their food stand only in the evening. You can get traditional Filipino grilled dishes here. From fish to chicken feet, you can have it here. You can either take out your food or “dine in” along the street. They have setup a couple of tables and chairs for their “dine in” customer. I usually take out my food but sometimes I get too lazy to clean the dishes after, so I “dine in”. I have been doing this for a long time to other food stands. There are hundreds of food stand here in Cebu. I’m not sure if they are apporoved by the Department of Health though. Yeah, I know it may not be as “hygienic” as dining in but, as what they say in the street, “the dust makes the food tastier.” I don’t know about that though, but I never got sick because of street food. It’s also fun to observe people that pass by the stand, you’ll learn a lot about humans just by observing them on the streets. Today, however, I decided to take out my food. You can never be too careful when exposing some expensive stuff in the night(not that my camera is that expensive, it’s the only one I’ve got). Anyhoo, you should try eating out, literally, it’s quite fun. =D


  1. When I’ve had bouts of sickness while travelling in India, it’s often hard to know whether it was street food that caused it or something else. When it comes to eating from stalls I tend to make sure it’s a place that looks popular, and preferably one that offers disposable ‘crockery’ such as the palm leaf and newspaper which held my extremely tasty vadai and coconut chutney, a mid-morning snack during a long car journey in Andhra Pradesh last month.

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