Movie 96: The African Queen(1951)

Synopsis in one sentence:

It’s a story about a couple and their journey, in the early days of the 1st world war, of love and hardship to destroy a German gunship.

What I think?

So this is the kind of love story people from these years are into? Well, it was based on a novel with the same name that was published right before the 2nd world war and I guess people from that time still gets turned on by thought of sinking a German ship. The only beef I have with this film that they are supposed to be British. They don’t sound like British at all. Nah, I’m just nitpicking. It’s understandable why they don’t sound British, I mean, who could be more American than Humphrey Bogart? Anyway, the film started with them being informed by the war, then the village where Rosie(Hepburn) and her brother stayed was burned down by the Germans. She then went on a journey with Charlie(Bogart) to escape but she convinced him to do a kamikaze instead. An hour later in the movie and several “lovevy-dovey” scenes and corny love lines, they were able to destroy the ship. All in all though, it’s a good watch. I like the film. I’m not sure if I would watch this with a special someone during valentines day but if the idea of rivers, boilers, rapids, leeches and destroying a German ship turns you on, by all means enjoy! =D

Next Attraction?

The Bicycle Thieves

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