Day 40: Love Me!

40Yes, another Vday related post. Come on, by this time you should have seen this coming. Anyway, I saw this while strolling in the mall with some friends. I didn’t know that such thing exist! This chocolate just shouts desperation! How desperate can you be when you give someone chocolate with the a big “LOVE ME” on the cover? Not to mention that it also contains “TRUE LOVE”, “LET’S KISS”,  and “SUNSHINE” in the front(seriously, SUNSHINE? Why the heck SUNSHINE?)! I mean, who the heck buys this stuff? Probably those forever alone guys that cant express their feelings and thinks that this is a clever way to express their feelings to someone else! So naturally, I bought one. Haha! Just kidding! Of course I didn’t buy one of these, I mean, seriously. Sunshine? In what universe does SUNSHINE have any relations to “LOVE ME”, “TRUE LOVE”, and “LET’S KISS”? This is the first time I saw this kind of chocolate box and it amuses me. So if you want an unusual chocolate to give this Vday and a first class ticket to Dumpsville, I highly recommend you buy this one.


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