Day 39: Kiss Kiss


Yes, this is another valentines themed post. I warned you before, that this month is going to be CRAZY, well until valentines day is over I suppose. Haha! Anyway, I said on the previous post that my company started to hang heart shaped stuff, and today, they started this kiss kiss thingy. Basically you’ll give someone(or yourself if you’re the forever alone type) a “kiss” in exchange for a very small amount of money. By kiss, I mean a stamp carved like a woman’s lips. Also, this is a contest and who ever gets the most stamp(you’ll be given a small card if you get stamped) will win something. I gave out 10 stamps just for the heck of it, and received 3 myself. So, yeah, it’s a pain in the back side to remove this kiss marks after work but nothing’s wrong with a little fun, right? Well, unless you put a kiss on a married person and he/she forgets to remove it, then you’ll be the cause of their marital conflict and the cause of their imminent divorce and because of that the husband/wife, who works for a genetic laboratory who’s doing experiments on humans to make them super humans, is getting lazy and accidentally let out a special virus that causes humans to lose their minds and then becomes undead beings that eat other people’s brains for nutrients, but I digress. Like I said, it gets ca-razy.

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