Day 37: Cloudy Sky


Today’s weather started with a beautiful sunny day, then it just rained at noon. So, when I went outside to check the weather, all I saw was the cloudy sky. For some reason, cloudy skies makes me sad. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way but I don’t know, I feel gloomy. Well, until I took this photo. For some weird reason, this cheered me up. I really like the photo. Its like telling me something. Hmmmm… Is it going to rain later? There’s always a sun behind the dark cloud? There’s still hope? Wait, it’s probably that one. There’s still hope! Well, tomorrow’s going to be the “judgement day(well, sort of)”and I have 95% chance of getting a not so positive response, but, I’ll just take the risk. Ok, I’m talking about things that only a few people will understand, don’t worry, the rest of you guys will know soon enough… or probably wont. There’s 95% chance that you wont. Hahaha!=D

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