Day 15: Midnight Illumination


This is my first long exposure photograph that has light trails from the passing traffic. I am usually afraid to take photos like this because it’s dangerous to roam at night, especially if you are carrying expensive stuff. This night, however, I decided to tackle the darkness and make it my ally(batman?), then I had an epiphany. I used to be very carefree and just do whatever I wanted without worrying about the consequences when I was a bit younger. I remember how it felt. It felt like something in me woke up. That heart-pumping, gut-wrenching excitement of doing something dangerous. I felt it again when I took this photo. Heart beating fast as I press the shutter button. Every second of the 20-second shutter speed felt like an hour. Constantly watching side to side and see if anyone suspicious is around. Preparing myself for any encounters that might happen. Then, total silence. Photograph was perfectly exposed. The rush was slowly going down. I breath a sigh of relief as I prepare to do the whole thing again.

In the end, I was able to capture this photo. It may not be as good as other photos out there but taking this photo woke up the sleeping aggressive part of me. This might be a good thing or it might be bad, I may improve or I may not, but, I don’t care. I am sane enough not to do something that stupid again though…probably, who knows.hehe. I’ll probably take several people with me next time. =D


This shot was taken with my 18-55mm lens. Shot at 18mm, f16. Shutter speed was 20 seconds. Mounted my camera on top of a sturdy tripod. The best way to do this was to use a remote shutter. Unfortunately, I didn’t have one, so I set a 2 second timer to make sure that I didn’t move the camera even the slightest bit. Even a strong gush of wind can make or break the photo if it’s exposed for a long time.


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