Day 7: Golden Hour


The Golden Hour is that 1 “magical” hour after sunrise and before sunset. They say that the lighting at these times are good for taking pictures. The sun is not too bright and it makes the sky beautiful. I chose this photo because this is my one of “Courage Shot.” Courage shot just means that I took this photo away from my comfort zone. I took this photo in the street without any company. Now you might say that it’s not that hard, but it is(well, for me at least). Crooks nowadays learns to sell DSLRs, and photographers are one of their prime targets. I know people who were robbed because they were followed after a shoot at a public place. So, yeah, courage shot. The sunset was just too beautiful to miss, so I summoned up all my courage(been doing that lately..hehe) to take this shot and walked like I’ve never walked before.

Im pretty sure I’m being followed… but that’s just me being paranoid.hahaha.
*then a man in a hood burst into my room, holding a gun in his hand and points at me*
Gunman: Give me your camera!!!
Me: NO!
*the gunman’s voice was weird, i thought to myself”
Gunman: Give me your ******** camera!!!
Me: NO!!!
*The gunman then looks down.*
Gunman: Well, I like the way you hold your, ugh, “telephoto lens.”
*It turns out that the gunman was actually a woman in disguise! She was turned on by the way I handle my ca…*

Uhm, no, it’s not for this blog. Sorry about that. That was intended for a gentleman’s special interest literature website. Hahaha! Just Kidding! 😉

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