Pinoy Pentaxian Photo Walk

Day 1

I have been actively joining photo walks nowadays, the first one was the Scott Kelby worldwide photo walk and now, the Pinoy Pentaxian Photo walk(Philippine Pentax users club). I don’t know, I love doing street photography nowadays. Anyway, this was a 2 day event and on the first day, we visited the Pentax manufacturing plant because it was located here in Cebu.  It was also an EB from Pentax users all over the Philippines. Since Pentax users are no that much here, you can imagine how few attended because Philippines is a group of island and you need to ride a plane (or ships) to visit each island.

Since we are a smaller group, our bonds are stronger.

We had the plant tour before this photo was taken and I saw how they make cameras. It was really interesting and I can see the dedication and hard work of the people who works at Pentax in making the cameras. I made me realize that since the people making the camera are doing their best, I should be doing my best in using it. So the first day ended and we all went home to rest for the photo walk the next day.

Day 2

We started the photo walk at the Cebu City Provincial Capitol at around 8am. The route of the photo walk was very familiar to me since that’s my route to work. It was really fun shooting with guys that has the same camera brand with me because we an interchange our lenses! I was able to use lenses that I have only been dreaming about. When we arrived at our destination, we had lunch and a little discussion, critiquing, and photo contest. The shots that needs to be submitted at the photo contest are the one we took on the way to our destination and only in camera post processing is allowed. This was my entry.

I really like this photo and so does the judges but it didnt win. There were better ones. I love this photo because it looks like the graffiti was looking at the guy on the right. There was no negative comment for this photo from one of the judges, he said that this scored high to him and that’s it. This was the same photographer that critiqued my work before and since he was very blunt with his critiques, it was perfect for me at that time to have him do a critique on my work. He was  indeed blunt, however, I learned so much from that and it opened my eyes to what to do and what not to do. There was also sharing of experiences and a little bit history of photography.

S0, the 2nd day ended with smiles on our faces. Even after the event, most of us stayed at the venue to discuss photo related stuff and sharing techniques and experiences. This was the best EB I have ever been to so far and I hope to see those guys again. Here are the shots from the walk and also some shots of the gathering. Enjoy!


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