I watched Skyfall earlier and it was, well uhm, how should I say it, boring? No, wait that’s not the word I was looking for, it’s Bloody Brilliant! I loved it so much that I decided to make a post about it here. Definitely, one of the best Bond film ever. I love how they pay homage to old Bond films. For example, the use of the iconic Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger which still has the ejection seat and machine gun at the front, the ever famous Walther PPK with a hint of 21st century technology and more! This film also showed Bond’s loyalty and his relationship to M, and shows Bond’s past.

There are a lot of action scene(as what you expect from a Bond film) and car chase scene. There’s also a part of the movie that jokingly questioning Bond’s sexuality.

I won’t put the joke because I might spoil it for you. You just have to watch this film. =)

The part that I like the most is when Bond was given his gadgets to use(radio transmitter and the Walther PPK) he said that he was disappointed with gadgets at his disposal given by the new Q(Q of the 21st century) in which Q replied that ” Q branch no longer go in for ‘exploding pens'” and the remark made me laugh, then I realize I was the only one laughing in the house, which made me think if I am the only Bond fan in there. Anyway, IMO the best guy to play Bond was Pierce Brosnan, but I was sold by Daniel Craig’s performance in this one. But hey, if Mr. Brosnan just had a great script to work with, it would make him the best Bond.

This film has shown James Bond fighting 21st century threats. I love how he fights latest technology the old fashion way. Past meets present in this film and shows powerful images that reeks of symbolism, like this one.

M with dead MI6 agents. This reminds me of the war in Iraq and all the dead soldiers.

So if you haven’t watched Skyfall yet, I highly recommend you watch this. Not only to Bond fans but to all movie goers out there.

And oh, one more thing, I love you Judi Dench! You will always be M to me.

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