Best Days of Our Lives

When I saw these 3 people eating in a small stall near the road, it reminded me when I eat meals with my friends, and how we talked about the things that happened in our lives. So, I thought to myself,  since these are old people, they must have gone through a lot, and I can imagine them talking about the best times of their lives. I personally like this photo because I can see myself in these people.

This is the 2nd photo I was talking about from this post. It was a lazy Friday afternoon when I received a text from an unknown number. I usually ignore texts from unknown number but this one was an exception. The text message was to inform me that I won the local Scott Kelby Photo Walk contest! There were several themes that you can join and I won “The Best Days of Our Lives” theme. The description of that theme is capturing Cebuanos(people from Cebu) grind of everyday life. I was really surprised when I read that content because I didn’t expect my entry to win. I mean, there were over 100 photographers who joined the contest. Most of them were professionals armed with the top of the line canikon cameras and lenses. I was the only one using Pentax at that time, my weapon was my trusty Pentax K-x with the Pentax F 28mm f2.8 lens, which was very small compared to their bazooka of a lens, with a letter “L” on them. But hey, great things comes in small packages and I guess this just proves the saying in our language “Wala nah sa pana, naa nah sa Indian”, in English “It’s not with the bow and arrow, it’s with the Indian.” It means that taking good photograph is not because of the camera(although it helps), but it’s with the photographer. The prize I won was just a small gift check and a cap, but it’s not about the prize. I’m just happy that my work was recognize, even without a prize, I would still be happy. =)

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