Movie 98: Les Quatre Cents Coups (The 400 Blows)

Synopsis in one sentence:

It’s a story of a boy who, like most of us at his age, wanted to grow up fast and be independent.

What I think?

I think this film is amazing. This is now my second favorite french film, just behind Amelie. When I watched this film, I couldn’t help but think about my past. I was kinda like this before but only in thoughts and not much in action. The great Akira Kurosawa said that this is  “one of the most beautiful films that I have ever seen.” I think everyone should see this before they turn 12, because I believe that everyone has this phase in life around that age. The film also shows how’s the life of a french boy around those time in France, and for me, it was quite interesting to see corporal punishment in France at that time. Anyway, a great movie that’s really worth your time.

Next Attraction:

8 1/2


    • I agree, it wasn’t quite the life changing film but I enjoyed watching it while reminiscing the things I did around his age.=)

      Thanks for dropin’ by!

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