The Walk

A few weeks ago, I joined a world wide photo walk with over 32,000 photographers. I also mentioned that I joined a local photo contest and I am not allowed to post the photos anywhere(online or otherwise) while the contest is going on. There were two photos that I really like that I took from that photo walk, and I submitted them both. Since the contest is already over, I can post these photos now. This is the first one:

It’s just a photo of a man working. He sells something in that box that he is carrying. I personally like this photo because it shows his daily struggle in life and it made me realize that we are all struggling in a sense. I was walking within Cebu City Cathedral and this guy just came out of nowhere with his box of goods. I love candid shots because that’s where you will really see the true beauty of your subject. So, yeah. I’ll be posting the 2nd one soon  and that photo gave me a little surprise. ^___________^

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