100 (All Time Great)Movies to Watch Before You Die

I never mentioned this before, but I’m a movie junkie. I love movies and I love making videos. I love movies so much that at one point I wanted to enter a film school. I also make videos for fun and for my friends. My first love is videography, then photography. They’re basically the same, well, sort of. Enough about that, the reason why I made this post is because I came a cross a book called “1000 movies to watch before you die.” So, I searched the internet for the same title except I choose 100( I cant make 1000 movies at this time, I must stick to a realistic goal) and found a list that I’m interested in. I’m no film critique so everything I say here only reflects to what I feel about the movie. With that clear, let’s get it on!

So, movie no. 100: 12 Angry Men(1957 film)


Synopsis in one sentence:

The film is about a jury and how they decide the fate of a murderer.

What I think?

Brilliant! I’m not so shallow to think that this is about 12 men arguing about something, actually, I’m shallower than that because I think this is like fight club or something. Kidding! Anyway, what I like about this movie is that it just takes place in one room with 12 men(13 if you count the foreman) and brilliant story! I don’t like courtroom drama because that stuff bores me to death, but this one kept me awake. I don’t get to see much classic movies but I can’t believe I haven’t seen this one. This movie would really make you think. I think this is one of those old feel good movies, because I felt good after I watched it. Not to mention that they didn’t even mention names until the last part of the movie! Brilliantly made movie! For those of you who likes action, this is not the movie for you. I wont post anything that would spoil the movie for you, so if you wanna know what happened, you just have to watch it yourself.

Next Attraction:

Stanley Kubric’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY

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