Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

Lantaw, in Visayan term it literally means “view” or “watch”, is a floating restaurant located in the outskirts of Cordova, Lapu-lapu City, about 15minutes ride by ferryboat from Cebu City. We visited this restaurant for our team socialization last Oct 21st.

We arrived in the place around 4 in the afternoon. There is a part of the resto that has roof and another part that’s open.

We reserved a small floating cottage because we wouldn’t fit in one the table and we want to be exclusive. The smaller cottage is also floating, it would also rise as the tide rises. They say that if it’s high tide, it would sway from side to side, making it uncomfortable to some, luckily however, it was low tide so it was as steady as a tree.

The only thing that’s holding us down is the rope bridge.

They say that it’s best to be there during afternoon or night, because you can see the sunset in the afternoon, and during the evening you’ll be able to see the city skyline. It would also be a good place to drink since the place is very cozy and the breeze from the sea is very cool.

Sunset + Beer = Perfect Combination

While I was taking pictures of the wildlife, my co-workers(because I consider myself as wildlife photography enthusiast…hahaha), they began ordering the food. Since we are at sea, it would be logical to order seafood and so we did.  We ordered, Shrimp, crabs, bakasi(sea snake), fresh talaba(oyster), baked talaba, panga(pronounced as “pang-nga”, jaw of a tuna fish) and calamari.

The food was good. Specially the crabs, talaba and the shrimp. The shrimp was saute and the shells were removed, except for the head and tail. The sauce they basted the shrimp was mixed with the shrimp’s grease, and it was really great when added into the rice. Although, very unhealthy, but that’s what I did.

This shrimp had a good life because it was tasty.

The crab was magnificently cooked. It was cooked the same way as the shrimp. Even though it was chopped, they served it like it was intact. The nice presentation on the crab makes you think that they really put effort in their cooking.

Mr. Craaaaaab! What have we done? Meh. *nom nom nom*

I wasn’t able to taste the bakasi but they say that it was good.

Orochimaru Soup no. 5: Le Manda

The fresh talaba and the baked talaba were also delicious but I’ve tasted better talaba than this, nevertheless, it was still good.

This didn’t give me any stomach ache.

The calamari was nothing special, but it was good. There are far better calamaris I’ve tasted.


The tuna panga was tender and it taste really good. The downside is the size. It’s smaller compared to the panga I’ve used to eat before from a certain restaurant(I’ll visit that place soon and will tell you more about it).

Jaws of Life

After eating all that fatty, delicious food, it was nice drinking the “Cordova Coolers” after. When I drank the Cordova Coolers, it was like cleaning my insides and it was very refreshing. It was also served in a unique bottle.

Cordova Coolers: Orange juice with several other fruits inside a mayonnaise bottle.


Look at those smiling faces after the meal. It’s more than thumbs up. Seriously, i forgot to ask them the verdict but hey, they look happy. =)

All in all the place was great. The ambiance, the location, the food and the servers were great. On thing I could recommend is that they put a bell or a buzzer for the small cottage since we had a hard time getting the attention of the servers, but I’m just nitpicking.  I want to visit this place again but I just don’t have the time at the moment and I was just lucky that our team had our socialization here. This place is perfect for your out of town guests and a place where you can bond with your family, take your dates, drink with friends or if you just want a place where you can hangout, eat good food and stay in a relaxing place, then this is the place for you.

You can tell that these guys(like most of us) are piranhas when hungry and pigs when full, just by looking at the faces.hahaha


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