Change of heart.

I was planning to upgrade my camera equipment. When the K-30 was announced, I said to myself that maybe it’s time to upgrade. I was planning to buy a new camera this December, and the K-30 is the right choice for me. But something changed when I saw this post, he is using the same camera that I have right now(K-x) and we basically have the same lens(50mm and a 28mm although my 28 is AF), not to mention that I also have an extension tube. Basically we the same gear and he was able to take those shots. Now I feel silly just thinking why I need to buy a new one, besides I’m no professional so I don’t really need to upgrade. Therefore, I decided that I would only replace my camera when A.) it’s broken and B.) it’s beyond repair.

Although in the video, he was still using k200d but now, he is using a K-x. Here’s his flicker account and website for more photos.

Oncometopia orbona - Broad-Headed Sharpshooter

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