“A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”
– Edward Abbey


I don’t really care much about politics and the government, more specially these days that the politicians are accusing each other of being corrupt(well, most of them are). The fact that the last 2 of our president have been tried for corruption after their term is depressing, and now they are trying to take away our freedom of speech online. If you ask me that just shouts of Martial Law… online(good luck implementing that). This just proves that old politicians doesn’t understand the internet or how the modern world works. I think that it’s time to replace those guys and their next of kin(for readers not familiar with Philippine’s politics, nepotism is very strong in our country) with people who are more familiar on how the Information age works. That’s just my point of view. But now, because of the law they passed(stupidly I might add), my laptop can be confiscated(along with my pirated copies of DVDs, probably) and I can be imprisoned because of what I posted. So when I saw these words from the Capitol Building of Cebu, it gave me something to reflect upon: “Never be afraid to go against the people from your government if they’ve done something wrong.”

And now, because what I posted is considered libelous, I might as well go all out. You suck, you illiterate tax-cheating, wife-swapping, pot-smoking, spend-o-crat!

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