La Tegola Cucina Italiana






Mamma Mia! Call me a stereotypical bastardo but that’s the phrase I remember whenever I hear something about Italy or Italian in general. Then I think of the Roman Empire and the thought of Julius Caesar’s ghost would hunt me and will scares the hell out of me.

Mamma Mia!


My interest in international dishes begun when I started watching the Iron Chef(Japan), I was intrigued by the different dishes they make. That started my hunt for Japanese, French, Italian and Chinese dishes. I’m done with Japanese and Chinese restaurant, and now I’m done with Italian. Next target: the French. Anyway, I have seen this restaurant for quite some time now and have been wondering what it’s like to dine there. I’m really a shy type of person and I haven’t had the courage to go there. So I called up the attention of my eating buddies(Tiff and Jillian), to dine there. Yesterday,  we finally went to the place after minutes and minutes of debating where to go.

La Tegola have several branches all over Cebu and one in Cagayan de Oro. We were planning to visit the one near our work place but unfortunately they have breaks from 3-6pm, so we went to the Ayala branch which is open until the mall closes for the day. Although it was inside the mall, the place was not crowded since it is located near the exit/entrance. When we arrived, we were the only customers there. I guess partly because it was around 3pm but, the place is usually full during the evening shift. The place was cozy and you feel like you are in a ship, due to the walls. It has all sorts of Italian stuff, from pans to pot decorations.

This place makes you feel like the Don and it makes you want to move your hand forward every time you say something, Italian style.


There was so much to choose from the menu, from Aperitivo to Dolce. My companions likes pasta so we had to order one. You see, in an Italian restaurant, choosing which pasta to eat is like choosing which dress to buy in, I dont know…forever21? Fortunately, they had a platter that consists of 5 pastas and 5 different sauces. So we ordered that and the assorted grilled meat.

We were about to order an appetizer when the waitress said that it was complimentary. It was a thin crust bread topped with tomato chunks, olive oil and herbs. Im not a fan with raw veggies but I have to admit that this was good. I can really taste the tomato that perfectly blends with the olive oil and herbs.

Was there a Mexican version of this?


I liked the pastas. There was a the italian pasta with tomato sauce and herbs, seafood pasta with er… well, seafood, one with white sauce, the other one I do not know what’s in it and the last one (the one i like best) with sardines. The serving we ordered was good for 3, but when the plate arrived, it was like good for 5! They are very generous with the servings.

Basically, this is Italy in a plate.


The meat platter was also delizioso! There was a burger steak, beef steak and grilled pork. Specially the beefsteak was really good.

Even with burger steak, it still shouts Italian. Probably because of the tomato.


The serving was also quite generous. Even with Me, Jillian and the former world eating champion(beaten by Dorris during the Yakiniku bout) Tiffany, we were not able to finish it all and had to take out what’s left.

So the verdict?

Two Thumbs Up!


I never thought that eating quality Italian dishes would be this affordable, not to mention the staff which were very friendly. I would be seeing this place in the future since I was not able to eat the one I wanted: the original Italian pizza the consists of just tomato and cheese. If you love Italian food and you don’t want to burn cash, this is the place to be.



  1. Hi! We were planning on visiting the one in Lahug but unfortunately they were on break at that time. But I will be visiting the place soon though. I’ll be sure to check your post and thanks for dropin’ by!

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