Sunday “Lechon” Tradition with Zubuchon



When I was young, Sundays is one of my most anticipated day because it means that I might get to eat Lechon! Lechon is a traditional Filipino dish of roasted pork. I’ve made a post about preparing lechon in Cebu here. During Sundays, we (most of the time) purchase lechon for lunch after Church. I had a love-hate relationship with Sundays because I get to eat lechon and at the same time it’s class again tomorrow. The thought of going to school was unbearable(if you a haven’t experienced it as a kid, you suck nerd!) when I was a kid, but the crispy tasty lechon has been there to lighten things up. I know that it’s unhealthy and all but, as they say: if you die, then at least you die happy. My sister and I went to one of the famous “lechonan” in Cebu, Zubuchon. You might have seen them on tv or on the internet since they have been famous ever since Anthony Bourdain went to cebu and tasted the lechon. According to the man, it’s the “Best pig…EVER.” Which is their slogan:



And because of that episode in his show, No Reservations, I craved the lechon in this hot, raining sunday morning. I was there to eat lechon and that’s the only thing we ordered because it’s basically all lechon in their menu: fried lechon, boneless lechon, lechon dinuguan, lechon sisig. Oddly enough, there were few people than I had anticipated, and given it was a Sunday. The fewer the people the better since we got our order fast and proceed to eat like hungry wolves. It was a very delicious pig indeed, but I guess it was the best pig for Mr. Bourdain. I have tasted a better pig though, the one on my first post. Nevertheless, it was a really good meal. In any restaurant business, it’s better to have good customer service and the customer service here was tiptop! Not only were the waitress and waiters polite, they are also very attentive to their customers. For example, we were sitting in a 2 sitter table and when I took off my bag and tried to look for a place to put it, the waitress immediately dragged a chair from the other table so that I can put my bag on it. Now, that’s CS. The place was as clean as an OCD’s table. This was the Mango branch by the way.



After our meal, we went home with a full stomach and a smile in the face. After the over all experience with Zubuchon, it might be accurate to say that they have “the best place to eat the best pig…EVER.”


  1. Yup, you should definitely visit Zubuchon next time you’re in Cebu. They also have packed lechon that you an take out and microwave later. It’s good as pasalubong. Thanks for dropin by!

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