Waka Matsu Yakiniku 若松焼肉 Japanese Restaurant

“Irrasshaimase!” That’s what you will hear if you enter a Japanese restaurant, it basically means “Welcome.” This was not the first time that I went into a Japanese Restaurant in Cebu, however, I wasn’t able to make a review on the previous one. We’ve been planing for several months now to try this place but, as usual, our conflicting shifts has been stopping us from doing so. This place is quite popular because, not only their food is delicious but you will be the one who cook them by grilling.

Now with built in Proton Cannon!


There are a lot of dishes to choose from, but we ordered their best sellers, Pork, Angus beef, Marinated Chicken, Tuna, Sushi, Maki, and Ramen. We also had their Japanese rice which was really good. The food that we cook were delicious however, not the best I’ve tasted but well above average. The nice thing about the place was in the fun of cooking your own food in an open grill, it’s also a good way to socialize with friends and people.

Friends and people.


This is the table grill where we will cook our food. They used charcoal rather than the gas grill, which I think is good since charcoal(IMO) is best when grilling food. Not to mention cheap.

Smokin hot grills!


The pork was good! It’s from the rib part but the bones were taken out.



The Angus beef were cut into thin slices and was bathed in some unknown sauce. It was really good, but depending on how you cook it though.

Since I’m a brilliant cook, I cooked the beef into perfection that it can compared to Gordon Ramsey’s dishes.*

*further research is needed to verify the validity of the claim
Angus Beef


The Ramen soup was good. We’ll haven’t tasted any other ramen soup than the ones that comes in a plastic cup, so yeah it was better than the one in the plastic cups.

Ramen Soup


I have tasted several sushi and for the love of me, I genuinely cant tell which of those has the flavor of a genuine sushi made by the Japanese. The sushi I’ve tasted over the years were different in taste, I can’t tell the similarities aside from the taste of wasabi. But then, I dont have a sensitive pallet as the Japanese people does, so dont take my word for it.



The Maki was so good that our friend, Dorris, ate 8-9 of the 12 Maki servings!

California Maki


Cooking the food on a hot grill like this doesnt take very long, so keep your eyes on the food or else you’ll burn them…unless you want them a little burnt.

The Art of Grilling


You would also get 1 round of drinks of a selection of Ice tea, Oolong tea or green tea. If you want, you can buy canned sodas, some of their alcoholic beverages and Saki, which was pretty expensive. They also have one round of dessert, not much choices though, only two. Dessert number 1 is Ice cream stick, yes that Nestle ice cream stick and the other one is a Japanese dessert, made out of crushed ice bathed in mango syrup(apparently, Japanese loves mangoes).

Ice cream stick. because we’d like to eat Halo-halo instead of the incomplete crushed ice with mango syrup.


Did I mention that this was Eat-All-You-Can type of restaurant? Yup, you can order as much as you want for the amazingly low low price of only P458 roughly $12! The catch though is that if you do have leftovers, you pay double,  so just order them over the course of time. They open up at around 11am – 2:30pm, then they open up again at 5pm-10pm for the evening shift. I had so much fun in cooking and eating at that place. The waitresses were very polite and very accommodating, what you would expect from a Japanese restaurant.

So the verdict?

Three Thumbs Up


They are located at Pacific Square Building, F. Cabahug St., Mabolo, Cebu City. It is better to have reservations though, since the place can be crowded at time and you don’t want to wait for other customers to be finished because it would really take some time. You can call them at (032) 232-5897. So, if you happen to drop by Cebu City, this place is highly recommended.

Dorris can’t barely stand on herself after that maki.

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