My little trip back to Bohol. (Day 2)

This is the second part of my trip back home. On the previous part, I might have (in a drunken state)  promised a dragon, but unfortunately, you wont see any of it here because for 1.) they dont exist(yet) and 2.) Bohol’s climate is really not good for raising dragons. Sorry. But here’s a potato:

Everybody loves potato.

So now that everything is good, I’ll start with my return trip. Before I went back to Cebu, I took a small tour in our town. I visited our church, went to meet my grandfather, went to a Dam that i didnt know that was being built when I was in highschool, and to other place in town. Dont be mistaken, it’s just a small town, that’s why it wont take a long time to go around. So I started the day with the most important meal, breakfast. In Cebu, the breakfast that I usually have is very different when I’m at home. I would usually eat the ones that were served in our pantry, you know, the usual eggs, hotdogs, chorizos, and rice(weirdly, no bacon). Tempting as those breakfast may sounds(at least to me), but I still like breakfast we have in Bohol.

Breakfast that I used to eat.

I was woken up by my father to eat breakfast, and I just cant help but to feel really happy about the feeling of someone who wakes you up to eat. All I ever get nowadays are wake up alarm to work, kinda depressing. Anyways, that morning we had puto with mangoes, home made buwad, egg with sardines(it’s just egg mixed with canned sardines nothing fancy) and fried banana. That was one of the best breakfast I had in years. Home made food is always the best.

After I had my breakfast, we went to church. Bohol is predominantly Roman Catholic and it has been like that ever since the Spaniards arrived around 400 years ago, so the churches in Bohol are really old. I love to photograph old churches but didn’t have the opportunity or time at the moment so I took a photo of the interior of our church.

Luckily, I didn’t spontaneously combust while I was here.

After the visit to our church, I went to meet my grandfather. I considered my grandfather to be my second father. My father works overseas and we dont get a lot of time before to be with him. So the one of the people who helped in raising me was my grandfather. He was a man of wisdom, a God fearing man, a loving husband, father, and grandfather, and all-around good guy. He is now 89 years old and still teaching me things in life every time I visit him.

Pictured above: Man of Wisdom

So, after quick visit to my grandfather, we went to Zamora Dam. Apparently, there was a dam made when I was in high school and like any high school students, I was oblivious to anything that doesnt directly affect me or my genitalia. When we arrived at the dam, I was surprised that I have no idea it was being built. The thing was huge! However, it was not overflowing so I took photos of it. I did took a photo of the lake where the dam is. Few seconds before I took this photo, I noticed a hawk, hunting for fish. It was that kind of NatGeo/Animal planet type of hunting, annoyingly however, I forgot to bring my telephoto lens and I was not able to take a photo of it. Lesson learned: always bring a telephoto lens where ever you flippin go.

Not pictured above: Hunting Hawk… 😦

After spending 30 minutes in the dam, we went home to eat lunch. On the way home, we went to the market place first. There are more people now than it used to be. Maybe it’s for good though, more people means a big economy growth and economic growth is good for everyone.

Talibon Market

When we arrived home from the market, lunch was already prepared. My mother cooked squid and a famous filipino dish: humba. It’s not just an ordinary humba, it’s our family’s humba. Humba is a pork dish, it is cooked by mixing the ingredients and letting it boil. It was really delicious, just thinking about it makes me hungry!

Ok. Im officially hungry.

After we ate lunch, I took some time to rest before heading to the pier for my ride back to Cebu. Although it was a short time but I had fun going back to my home place. I love how it has changed but the people I knew didnt. I’m planning to take a longer vacation next time and visit the truly world class Bohol sites(Chocolate Hills, Old Churches and Panglao Island to name a few). Although it has been used and re-used several times but there are no other words that can describe what I felt when I went home: “There’s no place like home.” So, off I went and travel the sea that separates Cebu and Bohol with Indiana Jones theme playing on my mind while the ship disappeared into the sunset!


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