My little trip back to Bohol. (Day 1)


I have always wanted to go home for a while now, but my tight schedule and insufficient funds were the reasons why I couldn’t do it. Fortunately, I was lucky this month to received a little extra pay due to the holidays over-time. So my sister and I went home.

Cebu to Bohol trips usually takes 1 hour if you are going to ride a fast craft and 2 hours if it’s just the regular ship. We decided to take the fast craft since it is much faster and the prices are almost the same. So after an hour of, what I can describe as an Indiana Jones-esque travel sequence(you know, the one with the map and the music by John Williams), we arrive in Bohol.

She’s happy to be back after a few months of staying in Cebu.


Bohol is one of the many islands in the Philippines. The total population of Bohol is, err, I have no idea but it’s not as much as Cebu. The world famous Chocolate Hills is here, and we have lots of beautiful beaches in Bohol, specially in Panglao.

Not Pictured Above: Beautiful Beaches of Panglao and Chocolate Hills


If you clicked on the link for Panglao above, you would notice that Bohol is almost round. We arrived in Tubigon, Bohol(the west side part of Bohol) but my home town is Talibon (due north). However, we decided to visit my grandfather(mother’s side) who lives in Loon, Bohol (check the map again and look down south). We went to the cemetery first to visit the grave of my grandmother. She died due to complications from a brain tumor a decade ago.

Loon Cemetery


After visiting the other relatives who passed away, we went straight to my grandfather’s house. When we arrived, he was already busy cooking and doing some other “grandfathery” stuff.

Rumor has it that when he was younger, he was quite the ladies man.


Every time we went to my grandfather’s, he would always prepare a feast for us. By feast I mean, even if it’s just me and my mother on the dining table, he would serve food in the table that’s good for 10 person. His Tinolang Manok (chicken ginger stew) is just amazing. I guess what makes it tasty is the fresh spices(he grows them) and the type of the chicken(Manok Bisaya) which were free range.  Writing about the dish makes me hungry.

His Alalay(assistant) cooking the chicken old school.
The finished product. The one on the right is goat stew and the one on the back is Adobong Manok.


My father cooked the Adobong Manok. The kitchen where he cooked the adobong manok was the one the they were using ever since my grandfather was little. No stove, they only use wood for fuel.

That’s a big wood you got there…


I can smell the Adobo by just looking at this picture… *sniff* uh… that’s no adobo… To the shower!


So we ate lunch together with my grandfather and a couple of his friends. As always, the Tinola was amazing. Reminds me of my childhood…err when I was a teenager. The meal is incomplete without my grandfather’s choice Bahalina(coconut wine). This thing packs a punch(by punch I mean you’ll breath smells so bad, it’s like punching someone in the face when you talk to them), but it is very very good. My family has been drinking this stuff for quite a while now, specially when there is a special occasion. By the way, this goes very well with Pepsi. Not that i’m advertising Pepsi or something(or maybe I am), but it just goes so well with Pepsi.

Bahalina: Knocking the sh*t out of everyone since 1557.


After a few talks around the table about why am I still not giving my parents a grandchild(calling the attention of my sister), we said our goodbyes. We then headed to Tagbilaran City(nearest to Panglao) to eat some desserts and buy some stuff. I saw this resto who offered Halo-Halo(cold dessert of mixed fruits, ice, ice cream and condensed milk). Their halo halo was famous for being organic( a lot of halo-halos are using gelatin base food and coloring), it means that they use real fruits. The unique part of this is that instead of the condensed milk, they use honey to sweeten it up(if the ice cream is not sweet enough for you). They are also appropriately named The Buzzz.

The extra Z is for the sound you will make after eating here.
Full of honey and fruity goodness.

They also sell honey-based and other locally produced products.

I wish I could have tried all of it.

The halo halo was good actually, the honey really does go well with it. After we ate dessert and purchased several stuff for my sister, we head home to Talibon. It took around 2 hours to travel from Tagbilaran to Talibon since both are located on the opposite sides of the island.

A true Talibongnon would know how it feels, seeing this scene after a long trip.


So we arrived in Talibon around 5 in the afternoon. I was dead tired already from the trips we made that day. But before I went to rest, I took some photos of the place where I grew up. It’s all covered with plants since my mother wanted a garden but there were no space to have it.

Outside Look
Inside the gate


That’s a bird cage on the left hand side. Apparently, my parents are starting to muster birds as part of their plan for world domination. But seriously, they have too many birds (around 15-20). Anyhoo, that was the 1st day(my arrival day) of my 2 day trip back to Bohol. After taking these photos, we had our dinner and slept my ass off shortly thereafter.

I really had a good time seeing my grandfather and the people in Loon. Travelling to Tagbilaran and the trip back. Wish I could have more of this trips but it aint happening any time soon. Watch out for Day 2 of my short trip a.k.a departing time. There will be dragons and lakes and places that, for some weird reason, you’ll spontaneous combust.

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