Old Man and His Cats

This is old age! A slow and sure decay!
A tott’ring edifice, crusted with mould,
Failing in strength and beauty ev’rywhere!
Its vaults, and noble arches, choked with weeds!
Its casements dark, and chambers thick with dustI
ts pillars bowed, or prostrate on the ground!
-C. B. LANGSTON, “Old Age”
The Old Man

The old man in the picture is my landlord. He loves his 2 cats. I don’t know their names or if they have names since he doesn’t talk much. I’ve heard that he suffered a stroke years ago, so that would explain his inability to talk straight. Speaking of straight, I also think that he has a severe case of osteoporosis, since, well he walks like people with osteoporosis. However, this guy is cheerful. He always smiles at everyone, especially to his cats.  I took this photo when I got home after work. He was eating fish at that time and he was also feeding his cats from time to time. So, I took out my camera and took a several shots, he didn’t mind though and he just continued to eat. After I check the photo, it made me think on how or where will I be when I get his age, or if I will ever reach that age. It made me think about great quotes about life being too short. It made me wonder what I would do to my life and would I be happy of choosing the path I am walking. It made me think if the path that I’m currently wandering is the correct one. It made me think a lot of things.  But then, I suddenly remember a saying in photography the goes like this: “The best camera in the world, is the one that you have with you.” When I though about it, I guess this also applies to life.  It doesn’t matter which road you are taking or where you are right now, all you have to do is live the life you have now to the fullest. Life is fleeting, don’t be left behind. This old man didn’t even gave up after his stroke, he continued living the life that he has right now with the best that he can. I guess that’s the reason why he is happy, maybe that’s the secret to happiness, being able to accept your what you have and make the best out of it. Maybe.

So now I’m going to follow what I blabbered about and I’m off to drink beer, to the fullest, in the pub(and by pub, i mean the sari-sari store down the corner).lol

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