ARMY NAVY Burger + Burrito

I love to eat out and look for a pig-out place every time we go out with my friends. Every now and then, I browse the dark corners of the internet to seek new places to visit. I saw photos of people eating at a place called ARMY NAVY. So I searched the internet for more info about this place. It turns out they just recently openned in Cebu. So, I immediately asked my friends, Jillian and Tiffany(you might remember this two from Surfin’ Risb post), to try it out. The place looks promising with it’s US Army and Navy theme. Also, it reminds me of this song:

Still not as gay as twilight.

So, after having vivid dreams about people from a village wearing stereotypical american costumes dancing to the tunes of a particular late 1970’s disco(and I’m pretty sure it also served as a recruitment) song urging me to join the Navy, I gave in and signed up in the Naval Service. Kidding! We went to the place.

These girls eat so much, you’d think they’re from the army or something. Just kidding girls! 😉

When we arrived at the place, it had it’s military-ish feel to it. The counter looks like military-ish. Also you get your food like the military(I assume), by going to the counter and order the food then you get it yourself after calling the number they give you after you order.

They also have a little Quonset hut in the counter. I admit, I kinda expect Maj. Payne to show up in there.

I’ve heard of their famous burger, the Bully Boy Burger. According to their website, the Bully Boy Burger is a “Triple quarter-pound natural beef patties, topped with fresh crispy lettuce, tomato slice & onions, mayo & ketchup ontoasted sesame seed kaiser bun.(Made Big to Beef up a Battalion).” Naturally, I ordered that.

Beef, on top of another beef, on top of another beef. An orgy of beefy goodness!

We also ordered their Freedom Fries, Chicken Quesadillas and the girls ordered the classic burger. The burger was really tasty, the beef was tender and juicy, but  you really need to squeeze the thing so that it will fit in your mouth. The fries was ok and the iced tea was, well, taste like iced tea.

All in all we had a great time. But I cant shake the feeling that it lacks something. Don’t get me wrong, the burger was really good but the whole dining experience was lacking something. Unlike my experience with Dong Juan(another burger joint), there was something missing. Maybe it’s just me having a bad day at work earlier. Nevertheless, it was worth visiting the place.

Mission: Come in hungry, go out Happy. Mission Accomplished! I’ll be back in the future to try the other dishes. I want to try their steak next time or their Starving Sailor Steak/Chicken or the Fearless Fried Chicken. Now I’m off to somewhere when I’m short on my dough, and they assure that I will have a good time. Apparently, they have everything for young men, like me, to enjoy and I can hang out with all the bo…wait, I have to take a break from listening to these songs.

But still not as gay as twilight. lol

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